Welcome to Aai - Shubhangi Beach Resort

A beautiful endless stretch of clean safe beach away from the crowds lined by coconut palms with white sand and a crystal clear blue sea - thats Malvan for you.

Accommodation at Aai - Shubhangi Beach Resort

Built right on the beach on the Tarkarli - Devbag Sangam road, this resort has two spacious cottage rooms with a home stay feel and an amazing view of the sea. With ample parking space and open spaces Aai - Shubhangi Beach Resort has all the makings of a safe and enjoyable vacation in Tarkarli, Malvan.

Malvan is an ideal destination for a quite weekend away near the beach. The long stretch of beaches extending from Chivla to the Devbag peninsular offer some of the most beautiful beaches in Maharashtra. The Karli river meets the sea at the Devbag Sangam and the rendezvous of the sea and the river offer some scenic vistas reminiscent of postcard pictures.

Malvan is not just about the beautiful beaches, the Sindhudurg fort and snorkeling in the nearby areas and the Devbag sangam area offer an unique opportunity of exploring underwater life and rock scape. Snorkeling in Tarkarli is very popular with tourists and sure is an exciting experience.

Enjoy a dip in the ocean and play in the waves of this safe beach, enjoy pure aqua fun during your holiday in Tarkarli at Aai - Shubhangi Beach Resort and when hunger strikes walk into the resort to savour deliciously cooked Malvani cuisines. If you like seafood then you can enjoy fresh sea food freshly caught from the sea. We take special care to provide the best and sumptuous food to the visitor.

Looking forward to meeting you at Aai - Shubhangi Beach Resort.
Resort in Tarkarli
Resort in Tarkarli
Resort in Tarkarli
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